Partners In Crime or Brothers In Arms?

“… also, however they hurt me so awful, in the dread and alert… you didn’t abandon me, my faithful comrades”

Desperate Straits

As one year closes and another starts, I tune in and read the expectations of the immediate reaction advertising industry driving experts (the sort of advertisers that have been around for over 10 years, not the flaky “masters” on Facebook) for the new year.

In particular, I search for up and coming patterns in what they uncover.

Patterns to control me in my business in the new year.

A constantly decent practice is to search for specific issues and deficiencies that your market is encountering and thought of an answer and an interesting methodology you can fuse in your business to emerge and separate yourself from your rivals.

You know what ends up being the scarcest asset in organizations today?


It’s obvious, in this cutting edge business world where everything’s shoddy (or even free), and everybody is by all accounts a specialist in something, devotion is above all else.

How often have you encountered unloyalty from a representative or accomplice?

What number of stories of shady extortionists camouflaged as online specialists or specialists?

I know I have.

It nearly appears like legitimate organizations and entrepreneurs are mysteriously absent, and the individuals who are straightforward and steadfast are eaten alive.

These contemplations continually take me back to when I served in the Israeli armed force.

A while ago when I realized that regardless of what happens – when the poo hits the fan – my faithful comrades recovered my.

Going to war never stressed us – as long as we had each other we knew we’d be OK.

The courageous stories of the unbelievable Israeli armed force leaders that appeared to have triumph running in their veins constantly kept our spirits high.

You may state we were simply kids longing for eminence and pride in protecting our nation, yet consider it along these lines –

What impact would that sort of assurance have on your business?

That sort of “Faithful comrades” soul is the thing that I generally take a stab at in working with my customers, or as I call them – accomplices.

In reality as we know it where consultants are famously known for being an insignificant “enlisted weapon”, bouncing from customer to customer, endeavoring to hoard however many as could reasonably be expected while being faithful to none,

Dedication will get you far and will ring out in your commercial center like an expert marksman’s savage shot through the dull.

How’s that for a unique marking system?